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This web site will continue to go through changes as we learn and grow. Rest assured that our concern is that we reach the lost for Christ and provide those who want it a better understanding of God's Word.

In a time where churches all want to join hands regardless of denomination and embracing one anothers doctrines, the Bible has been translated into various versions to "make it easier to read", and preachers who are afraid to stand up and call sin what it really is and that is SIN, we need to say stop the compromising and start living by The Word of God as it has been preserved in the King James Bible.

This web site will feed you with the Word of God. Some may get their feelings hurt and that is not the intention of this site, nor do we want anyone to think we hate them, our true intentions are to simply expound unto you God's Word.

We are not a church in the physical sense, we do not have a building nor are we sponsored by a church. This web site is a personal ministry. This site does not take donations as we are NOT a non profit organization. This site is maintained and funded by the owners as God has provided for us.

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