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Sorry, but our Free Bible Program is Suspended until furhter Notice

Get Your Free King James 1611 Version Bible

We will send you a Free Bible at your request. Just fill out the form below and get your bible sent to you. If you are under 13, have your parents fill out the form. Please fill in the information below. PLEASE NOTE: This bible is not a 400 year old bible with the orginal spellings. This bible is an updated KJV bible version with the spellings corrected in 1629. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you want more information about the King James Authorized Version Bible, you may want to visit The King James Bible Page

If you have access to a computer in your home, we do recommend that you read our online bible. This will allow us to send bibles to those who do not always have a computer to use. We send our bibles worldwide and want to get as many out to people who will not only cherish it, but will share it with many other people. In many countries, bibles are very difficult to get, if not impossible. If you absolutely want a free bible, please limit your requests to one bible per household and share it with your entire family.

If you would like more than one bible per household Please Click Here

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